A New Concept in Dance Fusion!

"A vibrant mix of two amazing dance styles!"  -- Markey Research

QC Dance was founded by the professional dancer/instructor team of Tony Prado and Natalie Grasheim.  Their revolutionary idea is to combine their backgrounds into one perfect synergy of all inclusive dance instruction.  They pull from Tony's 25-year success as Charlotte's leading ballroom dance instructor and Natalie's 8+ years of experience as a National Champion dancer, MC, DJ and Event Director. 


Natalie's experience with such top level events as Monsters of Hip-Hop, Pulse, and Jump put her in touch with some of the greatest dancers in the entertainment world.  She trained under Marty Kudelka, Kevin Maher, Tabitha D'umo & Napoleon, and Mark Ballas.


Tony is well known as a national Cabaret Dance Finalist and a leading Ballroom Dance Judge and Master Examiner.  He is recognized as a world class speaker and educator in the world of partner dancing.  The synergy of this great team creates a new fusion of all styles of dance.


Tony Prado



Natalie Grasheim


Ballroom dance meets Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-hop and Contemporary to create an all-inclusive center for dance instruction.

Students learn classical style along with the latest night-club moves giving them skills to perform on stage, on screen, or on the street.  With this new beginning, QC Dance has become the premier place for budding dancers of all types.


QC Dance offers a variety of extra-curricular dance classes for children, young people and adults.

Whether for fun and fitness or to develop technique and skills,

we provide a full timetable of classes offering something for everyone.

Our Mission

At QC Dance, our mission is to provide the highest quality dance instruction in one all-inclusive dance learning center, and to cultivate appreciation for the art of dance in a safe, high-energy studio environment.

Our Method

Class Size

With two rooms, we have the perfect space for any learning need. 

This keeps the number of dancers to teachers low enough that each student can have a safe learning environment with maximum instructor attention.

Course Material

QC Dance is affiliated with The DanceVision International Dancers' Association and partnered with the National Dance Council of America.  Our course material reflects the very highest national and international standards of dance.


Our instructors are led by the only DVIDA Certified Master Examiner in the Carolinas.  We continually strive to improve our own level of knowledge to be able to share our love of dance with students of all ages.

Personal Attention

Our private ballroom students benefit from one-on-one instruction.  In our youth and children's classes, instructors take time to observe and empower each indvidual student according to their own personal needs.

Measureable Goals

Our instructional design provides step-by-step methods for every dancer to achieve his or her own personal best. We use classical methods to ensure that each dancer leaves class with a useful and powerful body of knowledge.

On Stage & On Line!

At the end of each semester, our contemporary classes video their choreography from the safety of our studio to share on our social media outlets.  Additionally, we present a stage show every year where we invite the public to see the fantastic moves that we've learned at QC Dance.

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