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QC Dance is proud to have a comprehsnsive staff made up of certified judges, national and international dance champions, and professionally trained instructors.  Our certified instructors are quite simply the best in the business.  They know dancing, understand movement, and instruct you in the art of dance using an easy-to-follow approach that makes learning to dance fun and rewarding.


We start every student or couple with a complimentary private dance lesson.  We want everyone to try dancing at least once and see how much fun it is.   Call us at (704) 900-7060 to sechedule your first lesson right away.



We are a member of the Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DVIDA) which is America's leading authority for ballroom and Latin dance instruction.  Our owner is the only DVIDA Master Examiner in the Carolinas with over 28 years teaching dance in Charlotte.  We are the only studio in Charlotte qaulified to certify dance instructors.  This gives you the confidence of knowing that you are learning under the highest dance standards available.


Our 25-year history of teaching in the Charlotte Area is unmatched in the Charlotte Area.  This is the studio where stars are made!

International, American & More

Always on the cutting edge of the dance world, QC Dance teaches all levels of American and International ballroom dance through the Dance Vision program.  This easy-to-understand approach takes dancers through the levels of Bronze (Beginner), to Silver (Intermediate), and Gold (Advanced).


Whether learning to dance socially or competitively, we tailor lessons to your specific needs so you can comfortably achieve your goals.  If DanceSport is your goal, you will find it exhilarating to be recognized for excellence in dancing as you see your growth and accomplishments as a dancer.

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Your first lesson is complimentary.

Benefits of Individual Lessons

Learning to dance is easy at QC Dance.  No partner is necessary.  Our instructors work with you in a one-on-one setting with plenty of room between you and other couples on the floor. 


We use the most modern methods to create a dance program especially for you.  Lessons are designed for each student's individual abilities and interests which affords your instructor the opportunity to teach the Lead-and-follow technique for greater style and grace.  This gets individuals and couples moving to the music faster so you can truly make your dance experience more fun.


Individual dance lesson are a fast, effective way to become an accomplished dancer. 

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Your first lesson is complimentary.

Dance for Children

We are most proud of our program that develops young dancers into the performers of tomorrow.   QC Dance is the only dance studio in Charlotte to combine formal dance training of Tap, Jazz, and Ballet with the beautiful styles and social graces of ballroom dance.


This is a tremendous benefit to youth today as they develop the long-abandoned skills of chivalry and etiquette.  Our ballroom development program does far more than just teach children to dance; it gives them the social graces they will need to become leaders and trend-setters later in life.

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Your first lesson is complimentary.