QC Dance is excited to be one of the first all-inclusive dance studios to partner with MindBODY in the dance/fitness world.


Registeration and scheduling are handled on-line and at your convenience using our easy link below.  Join us and see how easy

it can be to dance to a healthier, happier you.

Our Class Information

As one of the most popular dance centers in Charlotte, we are sure that taking part in our classes will allow you to explore the world of dance and feel the magic of movement in our beautiful studio environment. Our teachers and management team provide you the highest quality of instruction and choreography Charlotte has to offer! The various styles we share with our students give them the widest possible variety of knowledge.



Our Children's classes run concurrent with the school year to provide parents with ease of scheduling.

 Private ballroom lessons are availiable year round, while adult dance and fitness classes are on an ongoing weekly schedule.  We are confident that you will be able to find the class that interests you at a time that fits your personal or family schedule!  As always, our dance classes and workshops are subject to change, pending enrollment.

The 2020 - 2021 Session is starting soon!  We will see you soon at Charlotte's newest, most exciting dance learning center!

Our Classes

Ballet is the foundation of all dance disciplines and it’s essential in dance education.

In this class, you can learn the latest moves from the world of hip hop, as it is done on the streets.

Tap dance is the awesome discipline where dancers get to be musicians, and learn to perform!

The classic ballroom dances from Waltz and Foxtrot to the Romantic Tango in International and American Styles.

We teach compeetitive Latin and American Rhythm Style dancing for the novice and experienced.

Learn Salsa and Bachata exactly as they are done on the streets of Havana in our fun classes.

Jazz dance is an expressive discipline, combining classical technique with current dance trends.

Here students can learn the basics of Broadway dancing techniques, expression, and actiing..

Contemporary dance is one of the most popular dance disciplines nowadays.