COVID-19 Plan for Safe Dancing

The Corona Virus Crisis of 2020 has created several unexpected necessities for our art form.   As we step back onto the dance floor we remain optimistic about creating a safe and healthful environment for our local and dance community.   Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has carefully monitored operational guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.


We want families to remain assured that QC Dance is committed to operating safely to provide the highest quality dance education possible.  As business owners and community leaders, we pledge to make responsible and well-considered decisions regarding the health of our students and their families.


Presently, we feel very confident that our plans for on-the-floor dance instruction will create a successful launch for the 2020-21 dance season.

COVID Plan Specifics

NC Executive Order 181 Update

Section 3.5 of North Carolina Executive Order 181 allows us to have up to 35 people in our facility.  We are reducing that number even farther.  We are restricting our large ballroom to classes of no more than 15 people (even though we have more square footage.)  Our small ballet room is restricted to classes of no more than 6.  This will help us stay socially distanced.  With regards to the newly imposed curfew of 10pm, all of our classes are over by 9:15pm giving customers ample time to get home by the curfew.

  • Facemasks will be required for all staff and dancers during and outside of class participation.
  • Staff members and students will be temperature screened upon arrival at QC Dance.
  • Hand Sanitizer provided at Reception Desk and in both Restrooms.
  • Instructors and staff will self-assess at home for and COVID-like symptoms, consider if they have been exposed to illness, and consider if they have traveled within the past 14 days
  • Parents will continue to monitor dancers at home and advise QC Dance if any symptoms are noted or if a dancer has been exposed to illness and/or extended travel over the past 14 days.
  • Parents will continue to monitor dancers at home and advise QC Dance if any symptoms are noted or if a dancer has been exposed to illness and/or extended travel over the past 14 days.
  • Students exposed to or having contracted any Corona-related illness must be fever and symptom free for a period of 72 hours prior to returning to class.
  • Any student experiencing COVID-like symptoms is asked to remain at home and/or attend class virtually if offered.
  • Any student or staff member receiving a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 will be required to remain out of class for 14 days after being symptom-free; parents of such students are required to notify the QC Dance main office.

NC Executive Order 169 & 180

As per North Carolina Executive Order, signed by Governor Roy Cooper, QC Dance is restricted to have 35 people in our space at any given time.  This reflects the absolute most conservative interpretation of Executive Orders 169 & 180.  Even though our 5,000 sq.ft. space can handle 35 people during Phase 3 mandates, we are reducing that number even more.  We are restricing our Main Ballroom to a class size of 15 or less.


Our Ballet studio has a capacity of 10, but again, we are restricting our class size to 8 in an effort to maintain Social Distancing gudlines



Social Distancing Marks CLEAR

In all group class settings, our Social Distancing Marks are placed on the floor prior to class, so students and adults can clearly see where their safest performance area lies.


Ballet Room Safe Design

With ballet barres spaced 8 feet apart, our well-marked space is suited to accept up to ten ballet, tap, or Jazz dancers.  Because of restrictions, we are lowering our class size to 8.  This will keep dancers even safer.

Temperature Checks in Studio

Each dancer arriving at QC Dance receives a temperature check to ensure that no fever symptoms are present upon arrival.  This is in addition to the self monitoring and symptom-free declarations that each family signs prior to class attendance.

In addition, hand sanitzer is provided at all key points in our studio such as bathrooms, yhe reception desk, and the kitchen.


While it is not possible to guaranty safety during these troubled times,  our professionals at QC Dance are guided by years of experience in the professional and dance worlds.  With the careful guidance of governmental and scientific authorities, we are confident we can get through this crisis together.  We respectfully remind parents and takers of private lessons to keep up with their COVID-19 waivers.   In our partnership with MindBody, we send you regular reminders to stay current with your COVID compliance checks.  This helps keep our dancers of all ages safe and makes QC Dance the family-friendly, all-inclusive atmosphere it was deisnged to be.