Yoga & Fitness Classes to Improve Your Core

"Keep the Dance Alive" -- Bryan Kest

Personal Fitness is a big part of the training program at QC Dance. Our staff brings the fun and joy back into fitness.

You will get a full body workout without even noticing you broke a sweat!

Laughing and dancing into your healthy training program is the way we do it! At QC Dance you will feel all the perks of becoming a dancer or a yogi. Whether its shedding some pounds or stimulating your mind, we help create the elements that lead to a healthier, more enlightened version of your best self.




"The Pure Light in Me honors the Pure Light in You."  From the ancient Sanskrit, this phrase embodies everything we do.

At QC Dance, we seek to provide movement in all of its divine forms so being our very best selves so that you can find the best in you and share it with everyone you know.

Yoga and Dance Classes


Yoga is Unity.  Creating good energy to move towards manifesting our own positive destinies. Allowing ourselves to quiet our minds through yoga, can open our perceptions to calmness and clarity in our lives.

Our yoga classes are solely based on raising our consciousness and creating stillness in the mind through asana, our physical yoga practice and meditation.

 We offer basics classes as well as advanced hot yoga classses.

Yoga at QC Dance takes you wherever you are on on your journey in life and immediatly connects you to the stars of the universe and beyond.

Cardio Fitness

At QC Dance our cardio fitness classes are the place to be! Vibe with uplifitng music and move your body freely while making friends. This is the best workout to free your mind and let loose on the dance floor! Find new motivation and recharge your soul with a hot dance routine to your favorite beats!

Hip Hop Heels - Hip Hop for Adults

Think street dancing is just for kids?  Think again, and get ready to rock as you learn what keeps night clubs hopping.  Our Hip Hop Heels class is a great way for adults to strengthen joints, develop muscle tone, and enjoy modern rhythms.  Feel empowered as our high energy choreography makes you comfortable and confident in expressing yourself on the dance floor.

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