Youth & Children Dance Programs

"All dancers can move, but only great dancers can move others." -- Riccardo Cocchi & Yulya Zagoruychenko | Eleven-time World Latin Dance Champions


With over 25 years of experience behind us, QC Dance is proud to be a pace-setter in the world of dance instruction. 

We remain committed to quality, as evidenced by the talented staff we maintain and the warm, welcoming dance environment we create.  It is a perfect environment to truly capture the magic of dance.  We invite everyone to take a trial class or try a complimentary private lesson and see what it is like to dance with the best!


Our team has many years of experience in the dance world and we are excited to share it with you!

We want your child to feel joy in their hearts every time they step onto our dance floor!  Parent Consultations are completely free of charge.  We provide step-by-step guidance in selecting the best dance program for you or your child, and set you up with the curriculum that will create the most successful results in your family's dance development.

Recreation & Fitness

Our Recreation & Fitness program supports young talent as they develop and grow.  In this program, young dancers gain extensive knowledge of dance while building team skills and nurturing confidence.  Young dancers build flexibility, balance, and strength while still focusing on the fun of dance.


In this program, your child develops increased understanding of basic fundamentals in dance such as posture, body awareness, coordination, and poise.  Classes also help dancers improve timing, musicality, and style.  Dancers in this program work on choreography for our final show at the end of every dance season!


Motivation and determination are key for our Competition Team!  Your dancer will learn stage presence and performance technique with the opportunities of participating in local and out of state shows and conventions.  During time of safe travel, our dancers will participate in multiple competitions where they get to feel the excitement of high-level performance under a judge's watchful eye. 

Competition dancers are required to learn various styles of dance throughout the week to gain a more thorough knowledge of the dance world as a whole.  Competition dancing builds skills such as confidence, endurance, and technique while helping young people grow and progress into beautiful dancers.

Competition team members enjoy lifelong friendships with their teammates and share countless cherished memories.  Our QC dance team loves the thrill of competing while still keeping a grounded and humble spirit, remembering dance is a gift to share with all.


Our Company Team takes performance dance to the next level.

This team is for dancers with a long-term committment to excellence in dance.  Training for the Company Team is serious.  Members of this prestigious team have extensive knowledge of dance as an art form. 

Company Team members multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year as representatives of QC Dance.  Additionally, The Company is the perfect path to professional teaching and career opportunities.  A position on the QC Dance Company opens the door to learning from the top coaches, instructors, and choreographers in the dance industry.  The goal of the QC Dance Company is to prepare dancers for higher learning opportunites in universities, or schools of fine art, or for professional opportunities should they desire.