Dance Instructor Training

Teaching the Artistry of Dance as a Profession

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
– Martha Graham

Pre-Professional Dance Training Programs

QC Dance’s exceptional pre-professional dance instructor training program offers a full range of instruction taught by members of our outstanding faculty and notable guest artists, such as Ekaterina Popova, Andrii Mykhailov, Ina Jeliazkova, and Troels Bager. Each class is carefully designed to prepare instructors for a lifelong, rewarding career in dance. Our classes focus on:

Dance Performance

Strengthen your skill as a dancer and performer to inspire students to the highest level of achievement.

Syllabus Figures

Learn to craft dance curricula around your students’ unique capabilities and current skill level.

Teaching Techniques

Become an expert dance instructor that’s able to tailor her teaching techniques to the student at hand.

Business Development

Learn the business skills necessary to build a lifelong career as a dance instructor within your community.

Our dance instructor training programs are able to accommodate students aged 13 and above who wish to further their dance training with concentrated study. We carefully construct each program to provide students the guidance necessary to achieve career-level positions in the world of dance.

Why Train at QC Dance Studio?

QC Dance was founded by the professional dancer and instructor team of Tony Prado and Natalie Grasheim. Drawing both from Tony’s 25 years of success as Charlotte’s leading dance instructor and Natalie’s 8+ years of experience as a National Champion dancer, MC, DJ, and event director, we are uniquely capable of developing the next generation of dance instructors.

Our pre-professional students have gone on to dance in university companies, become professional dance competitors, and develop their own successful careers as dance instructors. Whatever path you choose, our focus is on educating and providing students the much-needed skills they will use in higher education and the workforce.