Recreation & Fitness Dance

Supporting & Developing Young Dancers

QC Dance’s recreation and fitness dance classes are designed to help young dancers gain extensive knowledge of dance while helping them develop team-building skills and nurturing self-confidence. Young dancers build flexibility, balance, and strength while still focusing on the fun of dance. Enjoy a complimentary private dance lesson or one free trial class for your dancer by contacting our team today!

Learning Through Dance & Fitness

In this program, your child develops increased understanding of the basic fundamentals of dance, including posture, body awareness, coordination, and poise. Classes are designed to help dancers improve upon timing, musicality, and style. Dancers in this program also work on choreography for our final show at the end of every dance season!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest age you take children?
QC Dance has had great success teaching children as young as 2 years old. Our environment is designed to foster love and social activity. As soon as your youngster is out of diapers and comfortable socializing with others, they are ready to begin their dance education at QC Dance Studio!
Can parents watch classes?
Our studio values complete transparency with all of our parents, offering an open environment complete with a parents’ lounge and bar area. Enjoy light refreshments and watch your little ones develop new skills on the dance floor! 
Is my child too old to start?
Not at all! QC Dance Studio offers programs suitable for children of all ages. All that’s required is a love of music to get started!
What if my child has a tantrum during class?
This is one of the main reasons why QC Dance Studio offers an open environment to parents. As parents ourselves, we understand the unpredictability of a full-blown toddler tantrum. Our teachers encourage your participation and are always on stand-by to assist when a child needs a break during those more challenging moments.