All Ballrooms Are NOT Created Equal

QC Dance is Charlotte's ultimate special event venue.

Our space is the perfect fusion of extravagance and modern, state-of-the art technology.  We invite you to step in and experience over 5,000 square feet of splendor designed to make your event a night to remember... one where everyone is a VIP and you are the quentessential host.  Give your guests the red carpet treatment and invite them into Charlotte's most opulent setting.  Wedding receptions, Bar Mitzvahs, and corporate functions all find a perfect home at QC Dance.

Nestled in a charming village of shops and restaurants, our new studio in Quail Corners reflects classic european elegance.  Our beautifully appointed main ballroom with floating Danish hardwood floors, 12-foot ceiling, crystal chandeliers, and gorgeously textured walls serves as a magnificent backdrop for your reception, Sweet 16 celebration, Quinceañeras, or banquet dinner.  And it's all in a beautiful, safe neighborhood with plenty of parking... truly a location beyond your imagination.

Customize Your Event

At QC Dance, you can customize your event in hundreds of ways so that every experience is unique.  With our special event partners and in-house event consultants, we can plan and create any setting you desire.  From a beachside luau to a Hollywood-style movie revue, our experience in the entertainment world allows us to create the lighting, theatre, sound, and action to transport you and inspire your guests.  Your special event at QC Dance is your ticket to celebration at a whole new level.

See Some Examples!

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  • CA789B5C-31AF-4601-9EFF-4E24838D5AF5_1_105_c.jpeg

Our Amenities

State-of-the-Art Sound

Our 10 speaker digital sound system puts out an unbelieveable 5,000 watts of amazing music!  Everything is tuned using the latest Blu-50 technology.  What does that mean for you?  It means whatever your music preference from Classical to Hip Hop, every beat and every note comes out with stunning clarity and a thundering danceable beat.

DJ Included

Select an In-House DJ package and dance the night away  with all your friends to your favorite music.  QC Dance has professional DJs and MCs on staff to make your event planning a breeze.  Save thousands on the entertainment budget by booking your location and your DJ with one simple phone call!


Audio/Visual Options to Customize

An extra-large 65-inch flat screen television is located in our sitting space for your audio projection needs, and if your event calls for a cinematic atmosphere, we have a beautiful 17-foot lycra scrim that can be hung in any corner of the ballroom giving your guests a larger-than-life movie experience.

Tech Support

When your event happens at QC Dance, you have more than just the best venue; you have the benefit of our full broadcast services support experts.  Our staff is ready to assist with projection needs, sound checks and more.  With wireless microphones and Bluetooth integrated sound, you can speak, display, or dance anywhere in the building.

Wi-Fi Internet Access

QC Dance has 2.4G and 5.0G Wi-Fi Internet access with over 200MBPs of speed to keep you on-line at blazing fast speeds!


The kitchen at QC Dance is spacious enough for a crew to stage an entire banquet.  Use it as a convenient organizational area for servers and wait staff to create masterful presentations.


Catering an event has NEVER been easier!  QC Dance can provide you with a list of referrals for caterers to suit any budget. You may provide your own caterer or supply your own prepared food as well.

Settings & Themes

Through experienced event partners, your event can take on any look you desire.  From banquet tables to Hollywood-style backdrops, your imagination is your only limit.  Whatever you choose, it is sure your event will be remembered for years to come.