Your Wedding Dance Options

"Every great marriage begins with a great partnership!"

Surprise and delight your family and friends with a fabulous first dance worthy of your special day.  Queen City Dance can help you make your first dance a beautiful experience you will never forget.  Our experienced team of dance professionals can help you develop a personalized dance that matches your style and personality.  

Learn a skill that you will be able to use for a lifetime.  Every social event you attend will be more fun when you can dance with the one you love.

Our Goal

At QC Dance, our goal is for you to enjoy every moment of your first dance together.  Your first step in preparing for your special day is a complimentary Private Dance lesson.

Our Method

First Steps - Complimentary First Lesson

Beginning with a complimentary first dance lesson, our talented instructors put even the most nervous of fiancés at ease.  On the first lesson, you learn something slow, something fast, and maybe even a bit more to prepare you for your special day.  On that first consultation, we can listen to your song, if you have one selected, and provide you with easy options to plan for your first dance.

Dance Lessons

Now that you've selected a lesson package and you're ready to get on the floor, our instructors provide you everything to guarantee you feel absolutely fantastic when the big day arrives.  We begin with choreography and moves that are tailored to your needs and abilities.  Whether you want to do a few simple steps, or dance with the stars, there are no limits to the fun and learning.

Personal Attention

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and a time you will remember for years to come.  Our instructors are experienced in providing you the type of instruction you need in a short space of time with specific attention to what works for you.  When you walk out for your reception guests, you will have confidence knowing that this moment will last a lifetime.

Practice Performance Options

It's no secret that dancing at your wedding brings some nervous energy into the picture.  At QC Dance, we give you the option to practice your special dance live in front of friends and dancers.  You will get the true feel of hearing yourselves called onto the floor as a new couple and hearing people applaud as you dance and take a bow.  Then when that moment happens, you will feel well-prepared.