Yoga & Fitness

Yoga Classes

At QC Dance, we seek to provide movement in all of its divine forms. Our yoga classes help form the positive energy you need to move towards manifesting your destiny with purpose. We offer beginning classes through to advanced hot yoga instruction.

Fitness Dance

Personal fitness is a big part of the training program at QC Dance. Our staff brings the fun and joy back to fitness, allowing you to laugh and dance your way into a healthy lifestyle. Get a full-body workout without even noticing you broke a sweat by joining our fitness dance classes!


Charlotte’s Finest Fitness Center

Our aim is to help foster an environment where you can build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle through fitness that’s fun and exciting. Join us for any number of training programs meant to help you find the best version of yourself, including:

Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are based on raising our consciousness and creating stillness in the mind through asana, our physical yoga practice and meditation.

Cardio Fitness

Vibe with uplifting music and move your body freely while letting loose on our newly refurbished dance floor! Find new motivation and experience a cardio workout like no other.

Hip-Hop Heels

Join us for our hip-hop heels classes designed to help strengthen joints, develop muscle tone, and foster confidence in your own self-expression of empowerment!

Strengthen Your Core

Through Yoga & Dance

Whether through our yoga classes or our fitness dance instruction, QC Dance’s training programs will help you strengthen your core and embrace the advantages of healthy living. Recharge, renew, and revitalize your spirit by booking your first class today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are eager to welcome you into our yoga and fitness community! Find the answers to some of the most common questions we receive below, or reach out to our instructors directly at info@queencity.dance.

What should I bring to yoga class?

When arriving for your first yoga class at QC Dance Studio, be sure to bring a mat, bottle of water, and open heart. If you are part of our advanced yoga classes, feel free to bring your own blocks and straps as well; however, our studio will also provide these materials on a first-come, first-served basis.

What types of yoga classes does QC Dance offer?

We are proud to meet yogis wherever they may be on their journey, from beginner-level classes to advanced hot yoga sessions. Refer to our class schedule to find the yoga class that’s right for your skill level!

What experience do you need to take hip-hop heels?

None whatsoever! Our hip-hop heels classes welcome beginner-level dancers through to pre-professional dance champions. Whatever your skill level may be, we offer a hip-hop heels class perfect for you. 

Does QC Dance offer yoga instructor training?

QC Dance’s yoga instructors are happy to help guide you on your journey to becoming a professional yogi yourself. For all questions related to our yoga instructor training program, please email info@queencity.dance.

What does asana mean?

In yoga, when we refer to asana, we are referring to the physical shapes we make with our bodies during our practice. Our asana yoga practice takes you through the different movements and flexible possibilities of your body, allowing you to awaken and strengthen in ways that honor your physical form in all its beauty.

What does the dance fitness program entail?

Our dance fitness program blends the principles of dance and aerobics to provide a high-energy cardio workout that’s both fun and effective. Watch the weight fall off your body without ever knowing you broke a sweat!