Queen City Dance

Ballroom Attire

Shoe & Attire Requirements

QC Dance maintains a powerful and strict code of honor and dress at our studio. Proper dance attire is mandatory for each class. Hair is to be pulled back and away from the face for all classes. Class-appropriate shoes are mandatory. Discover more about our class-specific shoe and attire requirements below:

Ballroom Dance

Top: Solid Color or Pattern contour fi t
Latin Skirt: Up to 3” Above the knee
Ballroom Skirt: 3” Below the knee to ankle length

Wedding Dance Dress Code

Ladies: Hard-soled shoes, pumps or flats OR the shoes you will wear at your wedding. Loose fitting casual attire until your final rehearsal. On your final rehearsal, we recommend wearing a dress that is longer and similar to your wedding gown to get the feel of what you will experience on your wedding day.

Wedding Dance Dress Code

Men: Hard-soled shoes OR the shoes you will wear at your wedding Comfortable long trousers so you know how you will move when fully dressed Loose fitting button down shirt so you feel more like what you will feel the day of your wedding