Ballroom Dance Lessons

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

Private Lessons

QC Dance Studio is home to the region’s finest ballroom dance instructors, offering private ballroom dance lessons for singles and couples throughout the Charlotte metro area. No matter your skill level, our team provides the one-on-one guidance needed to master the art of ballroom dancing.

Ballroom Dance Competitions

Boasting a combined 25 years of ballroom dance instructing experience, we are uniquely capable of helping you perfect your craft in the competition setting. Our ballroom dance students have gone on to compete and win at the regional and state level on many occasions!

Charlotte’s #1 Source for Ballroom Dance Lessons

As one of the most popular dance centers in Charlotte, we are sure that enrolling in our available ballroom dance lessons will allow you to explore the world of dance and feel the magic of movement in ways you’ve never experienced. Our teachers and management team provide you with the highest quality instruction and choreography available in multiple styles, including:

adult dance classes for ballroom dancing

Ballroom Dance Lessons

From the Waltz and Foxtrot to the romantic Tango, learn all international and American styles of ballroom dance.

adult dance classes for latin dance

Latin Dance Lessons

We teach competitive Latin and American rhythm style dancing for both the novice and experienced dancer alike! 

adult dance classes for salsa

Salsa Dance Lessons

Learn salsa and Bachata exactly as they are performed on the streets of Havana in our fun, energetic classes.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Make your debut as Mr. and Mrs. in style with a custom-choreographed routine designed around your dance skill level. Our experienced dance teachers will help you develop a personalized first dance that will delight and surprise your friends and family. With the lifelong skill you’ll carry with you as a result of our one-on-one instruction, every dance will be as memorable and beautiful as your first dance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a ballroom dance partner?

Not at all. When learning ballroom dance, it is most helpful for you to learn one-on-one. Typically, lady students learn from gentlemen instructors and vice-versa.

How long should my first dance be for my wedding?

We advice people to plan a routine that is roughly 1:15 – 1:30 long. If your routine goes for longer than two minutes, it’s much more challenging to remember all the moves in a short period of time (especially when worrying about all the other wedding planning processes). Even on shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, routines remain well within the 1:15 – 1:20 range.

I don’t want to compete; I just want to learn social steps. Is QC Dance the studio for me?

Social steps are what professionals call “Bronze Figures.” These are typically the fundamental tools you will use in the beginning of your learning process. Our teachers start with these basic figures and allow you to progress at your own speed and comfort level. The choice to go beyond “Bronze Figures” into competition-level dance instruction is purely up to you!

Is it the same price for couples?

Yes — if you are learning as a couple, your instructor teaches the leader how to guide and create the dance steps while also teaching the follower the skills to feel the lead.

You said “exams.” Am I going to be tested?

Exams are one of the time-honored tools of the dance world. Our owner is one of the select few people who have reached the level of Dance Vision Master Examiner. If you really want to verify what you’ve learned to dance, a dance examiner can evaluate and certify your knowledge. You will receive a certificate showing you’ve graduated as a celebration of your achievement. It’s just one more way we have of making sure your new skills remain with you for a lifetime. 

I’m signed up for dance lessons — how will my progress be tracked?

At QC Dance, our job is to provide you the best ways to become the dancer you want to be. You can take advantage of many opportunities that the studio offers to enhance your dance experience. We offer competitions, performances, exams, and reviews as a means to make you a better dancers and provide a personalized overview of your progress as a dancer. 

Does QC Dance offer couples dance lessons for wedding dances?

Wedding dances are a big part of what we do here at QC Dance. Your first wedding dance lesson is free. During this lesson, we’ll help you get acquainted with some basic moves that we’ll use in your first dance. We usually do not begin custom choreography until our second lesson.


A Word from Our Dance Students!

Queen City Dance has been an absolute blast! Tony is incredibly knowledgeable, and I already feel like I have learned so much in just a few short weeks. And have had so much fun while learning. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable the first time I stepped through their doors into their beautiful and spacious studio. I highly recommend for anyone looking to learn to dance or looking to improve upon skills they already have!

Elizabeth Hall

I’ve been taking lessons with Tony for 7+ years. No matter how bad a day/week/month I’m having, Tony always brings his special brand of happiness, creativity and fun. The new studio is beautiful, and I’m so excited to call Queen City Dance my new 2nd home.

Angela Woods

My dance lessons with Tony Prado at Queen City Dance are the high point of my week. In just a couple of months, my dancing has improved tremendously: Tony makes each session both challenging and a lot of fun. The new ballroom is the perfect place to dance—great floor and plenty of space and light. All in all, I’m so happy I found this place.

Zee Wallach