How Dance Helps Build Confidence in Children

We’re told the greatest gift a child can receive from a parent is love, and while that’s certainly true, we’d like to argue that the most powerful gift a parent can give is confidence. Children with high self-worth are able to carry that positive image into adulthood with a much greater likelihood of success than their less confident counterparts.

Adults today face many insecurities, many of which can be overcome by providing children the resources they need early on in life. One of the best ways that parents can help their children blossom into confident, self-assured adults is by enrolling them in dance lessons at their local studio. Dance classes help build children’s self-esteem in many different ways, giving them the opportunity to grow into happier, healthier adults. Read on to find out more about how dance helps build confidence in children!

4 Ways Dancing Helps Build Confidence in Children

#1 – Body Positivity

Both men and women struggle with negative self-worth as a result of discontentment with their body image. Recent studies have shown that as many as 90% of adults are unhappy with their physique! Parents can help their children develop a sense of body positivity by introducing them to an active lifestyle early in their developmental years.

Dancing is an excellent way to build muscle tone and improve upon the mind-body connection. The increased strength, mobility, and flexibility your child gains through repeat movement will in turn give them stronger satisfaction with their self-image.

#2 – Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are invaluable at any stage of life. Dance lessons offer children the ability to develop these skills in creative ways. Beginning dancers are given easier-to-complete routines that gradually increase in intricacy and difficulty. As they grow and develop, they will use the skills learned in each preceding challenge as the tools they need to tackle the next obstacle they face.

These same principles can be applied outside of the dance studio. Just as they were able to overcome the dance challenges they faced in class, they will be able to approach the obstacles they face outside of the classroom in the same fashion.

#3 – Public Performance

how dance helps build confidenceIt is well-documented that fear of public speaking is one of the biggest anxieties that adults experience in modern-day society. In fact, it’s even stronger than our fear of dying!

Parents who enroll their children in dance classes give them an advantage by allowing them to grow more accustomed to performing in public settings. Dance recitals, competition teams, and end-of-season showcase performances help strengthen your child’s confidence while presenting.

#4 – Increased Mindfulness

learn how dance helps build confidenceDancing is an activity that requires one to remain in the present moment. This type of mindfulness is great for increasing self-esteem by keeping children grounded and allowing them to “go with the flow” rather than living in the past.

Providing your child with a creative outlet like dance can give them a way to recalibrate this mindfulness in the future. Whenever they have feelings of unease or stress, dancing can provide the relief they need to approach life’s challenges with a renewed sense of assurance.

Sign Your Child Up for Dance Classes at QC Dance Studio!

By now, you understand how dance helps build confidence in children. Ready to give your child the lifelong tools they need to become the confident, capable adults they’re meant to be? QC Dance Studio offers a broad range of youth dance classes perfect for every age and skill level. From ballet classes for three-year-olds to our junior dance competition team, we cater to the unique needs of your child to provide them with a personalized dance instruction experience.

Register for dance classes online or call QC Dance Studio at (704) 900-7060 to request more information today!

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