How Much Are Dance Classes

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Making the decision to invest in your dancing ability is one of the most exciting times in any dancer’s life. Whether you’re just beginning or are a pre-professional that’s just moved into the Charlotte metro area, QC Dance Studio offers the full suite of dance classes suitable for dancers of all skill levels, style preferences, and budgetary considerations! 


What Materials Do I Need for Dance Class?

Before we answer how much dance classes cost in Charlotte, NC, it’s important for dancers to first understand what additional expenses may be involved with their performing arts journey. Depending on the style of dance you are learning and whether or not you are participating in dance competitions, the additional costs you incur may be different. 


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Shoe & Attire Requirements 

Before ever stepping foot in our Charlotte area dance studio, each of our students is provided a set of attire and shoe requirements to help them have the best learning experience. There are a number of different factors that go into the set requirements for each class, including dancer age, skill level, and style. For instance, adult ballet dancers are required to wear a black leotard, ballet pink tights, and Bloch Dansoft Ladies Ballet Shoes in pink. If a dancer showed up wearing this attire to our adult ballroom dance classes, they might be asked to get changed or come back at a time when they have the appropriate attire. 


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Competition & Costume Considerations

In addition to our youth and adult dance classes, QC Dance Studio offers dancers the chance to join our elite dance companies where they are able to compete in conventions and shows all over the country. Dancers who are part of this program may be asked to pay tuition fees in addition to their class fees in order to cover the cost of competition entries. Additionally, company dancers should be prepared to cover the cost of costumes, travel, and other expenses. 


How Much Do Dance Classes Cost?

One of the most unique things about QC Dance Studio is our tuition schedule which rewards students for spending more time in the studio. The table below outlines how students are charged based on the hours they spend in the studio each week:


tuition schedule at qc dance


As you can see, the more hours a student signs on for during the month, the greater their savings (and their skill level) will ultimately be! 


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Register for Dance Classes in Charlotte, NC Today! 

If you’re looking to join a community of dedicated dancers, QC Dance Studio has the classes you seek. Our dance instructors have more than 25 years of combined experience instilling their love of dance into the hearts of their students. Register online for your first dance classes in Charlotte, NC today! 


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