Should My Child Be on Stage?

Identifying Your Child’s Hidden Talent for Dance

From the moment your child begins his or her first steps and notices that their fingers fold, the world becomes a wonderful place full of pure discovery. In many cases, this discovery is made through various hidden talents that slowly but surely make themselves known over time — like dance.

For parents, talents can sometimes be hard to identify, and it’s important to recognize that some talents have to be drawn out of a child and nurtured in order to truly shine. Every child is different, and finding ways to highlight the unique abilities of your tiny dancer means giving them personalized opportunities to showcase their talent.

4 Ways to Cultivate Your Child’s Gift for Dance

Children learn by doing. The play we see them exhibit is their attempt to imitate the skills they see in the adults they admire most. When you see your child at play, he or she is actually working to emulate something they have observed, whether it’s playing a game, building something, or dancing. Put simply, play is the “work” of being a child: If your child is constantly singing, you might be the parent of the next pop music icon. A child that’s inspired to move whenever the music plays might be the world’s next dance sensation. The only way to find out what your child’s hidden talent is and whether they belong on stage is by finding ways to cultivate their unique skills.

Child psychologists encourage parents to literally “be on the lookout” for talents in their children. For instance, Dr. Robert Myers details a simple four-step approach to help parents develop their child’s gifts — whatever they may be:

Be on the lookout — The first piece of advice Dr. Myers gives is to think outside the current experience. See if your child is drawn to something unexpected, such as dancing, singing, or drawing. By observing what interests your child on a day-to-day basis, you can more easily identify opportunities for helping them hone the skill sets that will carry them into adulthood.

Provide them with opportunities — Find ways to give your child a gentle push in the right direction so they can further sharpen their skills. For instance, if your child starts moving every time the music plays, a great way to provide them with an opportunity to grow is by signing them up for dance classes at a local studio.

Nurture your child’s talent — Parents should look to show pride in the talent demonstrated by their children. There is no greater smile than that of a parent whose child has just finished their first dance recital or scored the winning basket for their team. Showing your child that their talents are a source of happiness for you is a great way to nurture their skills.

Provide additional background enrichment — When a parent actively participates in a child’s talent, the resulting bond will last a lifetime. Dr. Myers states, “When nurturing a talent in your child, take every opportunity to broaden and enrich his understanding of the subject, as this will guide and inspire her drive.”

Benefits of Children Dancing on Stage

When a child feels his or her special talent is recognized, they develop a stronger sense of self-identity. It is fulfilling for them to know that their particular skills and talents are special, and even needed. Not only that, but belonging to a group of like-minded individuals who share these same skills and talents also allows your child to develop socially. If your child is in a dance group or theatre company, they develop an extra circle of friends separate from their school experience. Especially with so many schools making the switch to “virtual learning” after the pandemic, having at least one place where your child can safely interact with friend in-person places them a step of head of children who haven’t had the opportunity to strengthen their social skills.

Children who are involved in the performing arts also develop a stronger sense of responsibility. These children are rehearsing lines, developing dance steps, remembering choreography — all to be part of something bigger than themselves. This responsibility for one’s performance ultimately contributes to a greater sense of pride as your child strives for excellence.

Let Your Child Take the Spotlight at QC Dance!

Parents want their children to be prepared for what life has in store for them. With the social, emotional, physical, and communication skills strengthened through the performing arts, there’s no better way to prepare your child for life’s greatest adventures than by having them take to the stage. Give your child the head-start they need to cultivate their confidence and showcase their skill by signing up for dance classes at QC Dance Studio today!

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