How to Find a Ballroom Dance Partner

Looking for the right dance partner can be tough, but the benefits you gain from having a ballroom dance partner will be well worth the effort you put in to find each other. Having a dance partner allows you to get in extra practice outside of your scheduled dance lessons, giving you a competitive edge over your dance peers.

But how do you find a Latin dance partner, and where do you start looking? We help break down the answers to both of these questions so you can take the first step in finding your dance partner with confidence!

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Partner

#1 – Goals

Before searching for the right partner, it’s important to look inward and assess your personal goals first. Some dancers want to become the next National USA champions while others are content to master the simple concept of leading and following. Make sure that the person you choose to be your dance partner is aligned with your goals so you can get the most out of your partnership.

#2 – Style

From the waltz and foxtrot to salsa and tango, there are many different types of ballroom dancing. When choosing your partner, make sure you communicate to any prospects the exact style of dance you’re hoping to master. The person you ultimately select should be someone that wants to learn and practice at least 70% of the same dance styles that you want to, otherwise your partnership may not last the long-term.

#3 – Frequency

This goes back to identifying your goals: Dancers interested in competing nationally or internationally are likely seeking a partner that can practice every day. Those looking to perform one routine at a wedding, on the other hand, might only need to practice 2 – 3 times per month. Once you’ve decided how often you need to practice together, you’ll need to decide how long each practice session will last. Be sure to discuss all details ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicts and miscommunications.

#4 – Compatibility

Your dance partner doesn’t have to be our soulmate, but they should be someone that you’re able to trust and whose company you enjoy. Find out whether or not your personalities are a match by scheduling one-on-one time with each other outside of the dance practice environment. Ideally, your partner should reflect more or less the same energy and feeling that you yourself bring to the dance floor in order to have the greatest success when moving together.

3 Places to Find a Ballroom Dance Partner

#1 – Other Dancers

Now that you understand how to select a ballroom dance partner, it’s time to find out where they’re hiding! The best place to start is by letting your “dancing buddies” know that you’re on the hunt for a partner. You never know who in your network might already be connected to the partner you’ve been searching for, so reach out for referrals whenever possible. Remember, the more people you tell, the more likely you are to find the right person.

#2 – Online Search

Virtually anything can be found online these days, and dance partners are no exception. There are many different websites that dancers can use to connect with one another and learn new skills. Usually, these websites feature each dancer along with a photo, height, age, gender, location, and brief biography. The following are just two such websites that offer these services:

Ballroomdancers.com: Easily search for dance partners by ZIP code and review each dancer’s stats before making a decision.
Dancesportinfo.net: This website offers both free and premium listings for dancers, and is more suitable for those who are interested in finding competition partners.

#3 – Local Studio

Last (but certainly not least) one of the best places to go to find a dance partner is at your local studio. QC Dance Studio offers plenty of opportunities for you to find your next ballroom dance partner, including during our Fourth Friday Adult Dance Socials. Stop by the studio every fourth Friday from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. for light refreshments, music, and dancing with plenty of local dancers eager to join you on the dance floor! Who knows? Your next dance partner could be much closer than you think.

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