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Dance Competition Team

At QC Dance Studio, motivation and determination are the backbone of our competition team. Your child will learn stage presence and dance performance technique from professional instructors and national dance champions with decades of experience. Our competition dance team offer the opportunity to participate in local and out-of-state shows and conventions, allowing young dancers to feel the excitement of high-level performance under a judge’s watchful eye.

Why Join Our Elite Dance Team?

Begin Your Journey with QC Dance Studio

  • Learn various styles of dance and gain a thorough understanding of dance as an art form
  • Develop confidence, endurance, and technique to progress into a beautiful dancer
  • Build lifelong friendships with teammates and share countless cherished memories

Competition & Company FAQs

Members interested in joining the QC Dance competition team, junior company, or petite company are encouraged to request a tour of the dance studio online or by calling (704) 900-7060. For additional information, please refer to our FAQ guide below, or email info@queencity.dance.

When are dance team try-outs?

Try-outs for the competition dance team will be announced at the beginning of each dance season. If you missed the announcement, please email info@queencity.dance or call (704) 900-7060 for current information.
How old must dancers be to participate?

All dancers must be at least four-years-old in order to participate in the competition team. If your dancer is not quite ready, we offer the opportunity to join the recreational program or company program.

Where do dance competitions take place?
Through the QC Dance Studio competition team, dancers have the opportunity to participate in many local and out-of-state competitions and conventions, including in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and beyond. Specific information regarding the location of all dance competitions will be communicated to parents and dancers at the beginning of each competition season.
How do I know the competition team is right for my child?
QC Dance Studio invites all interested members in to try a complimentary private lesson or one free trial class. Inquire about our complimentary class by calling (704) 900-7060 or emailing info@queencity.dance.
What attire is required for the competition team?
Information regarding competition team attire and shoes will be communicated to the dancer and parents individually. Please email info@queencity.dance or call (704) 900-7060 for additional information.
How can dancers qualify for the competition team?
Dancers must take be enrolled in a certain number of hours per week, and must learn various styles of dance in order to participate. For specific information about how your dancer can qualify, please email info@queencity.dance or call (704) 900-7060.
How much does it cost to join the competition team?
Tuition for the competition team is based on a number of factors, including the number of hours a dance is in class per month; costume fees; registration fees; travel costs; and more. All competition tuition fees will be communicated to the parent at the beginning of each competition season. For additional information, email info@queencity.dance or call (704) 900-7060.