Youth Dance Classes

Dance Programs for All Ages in Charlotte, NC

Dance Classes

Our combined 25 years of dance instructing experience makes our team uniquely capable of guiding your child’s journey into the magical world of dance. We are proud to be Charlotte’s only all-inclusive dance learning center, teaching all ages, skill levels, and styles of dance!

Competition Team

Your dancer will learn stage presence and performance technique while having opportunities to participate in local and out-of-state shows and conventions through our competition team. Competition dancers are required to learn various styles of dance throughout the week to gain more thorough knowledge of the dance world as a whole.


Charlotte’s Only All-Inclusive Youth Dance Program

QC Dance Studio offers a broad selection of dance classes in various styles and for all different skill levels and age groups. Allow your child’s creativity to grow and thrive under the guidance of our highly decorated and experienced dance instructors by registering for dance classes today!

Ballet Classes

Ballet is the foundational dance form upon which all other styles of dance are based. Our focus is to create an understanding of the human form as it relates to classical ballet.

Tap Classes

Tap dancing is one of the greatest feel-good dances anyone can learn. With only a few well-taught classes, students will be able to dance a short, simple routine that will sound — and look — absolutely breathtaking!

Jazz Classes

Jazz’s free-flowing style allows young dancers to move freely to the music and explore their own personal sense of expression while developing strength and technique.

Hip-Hop Classes

Hip-hop is our most popular dance class for youngsters. Learn to pop and lock, krump, animate, and so much more!

Lyrical Dance Trio
Contemporary/Lyrical Classes

Dancers learn how to truly carry the story of each dance routine through their individual movements in our contemporary and lyrical classes.

Musical Theater/Acting

Part dance, part presence — our theatrical dance and performance classes are all about building confidence and self-assurance!

Join Our Junior Dance Company!

The QC Junior Dance Company takes performance to the next level: This team is for dancers with long-term commitment to excellence in dance. Training for the company team is serious, and involves multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year as representatives of QC Dance. Offering the perfect path to professional teaching and career opportunities, the junior company opens the door to learning from the top coaches, instructors, and choreographers in the industry.

Youth Recreation & Fitness Dance

Our recreation and fitness dance program supports young talent as they develop and grow. In this program, young dancers gain extensive knowledge of dance while building on teamwork, confidence, flexibility, balance, strength, posture, poise, and other fundamentals of dance. Dancers in this program work on choreography for our final showcase at the end of each dance season.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is a beginner — how do I get them started?

For young dancers, the first class at QC Dance is always complimentary. A quick talk with any of our professionals will help us recommend a class based on your child’s age and your objectives as a family. Once you’ve had a complimentary class, you can discuss options with our course director, Natalie. Look over our Parents’ Guide and determine what is the best fit for you and your child.

Is my child too old to start?

Not at all! No age is too old. Our programs help children create new skills with no prior experience necessary. All that’s needed is a love of music to get started! 

What is my child has a tantrum during class?

Actually, that’s part of why we have such an open-air environment. As parents ourselves, we understand that parenting is not an exact science. Our teachers encourage participation, but we are always standing by with resources to let a child take a needed break during those more challenging moments.

Does your studio do competitions?

Yes! Competition is optional at QC Dance. Our competition teams are called Companies. So far, we have three: Junior Company, Petite Company, and Mini Company. Admission to these companies is by invitation or audition, so parents get to decide how to participate. We are proud to be the only dance studio in Charlotte that competes in two fields: Dancers get to compete in the top ballroom dance competitions in the region and they can enjoy regular team events competing with studios from around the Carolinas. 

What is the earliest age you take children?

Children as young as 2 years old have been very successful at QC Dance. Our environment is based primarily on love and social activity. Once your child is out of diapers and comfortable meeting others, they are ready to begin their dance journey at Charlotte’s only all-inclusive dance learning center!

Can parents watch classes?

Absolutely! The environment at QC Dance is very open to parents. We have a parents’ lounge and bar area for moms and dads to enjoy coffee and light refreshments while they watch their little ones develop new skills on the dance floor. Parents can look in on classes and see the learning process at any time. 

Can my child perform on stage right away?

Yes! QC Dance is proud of the fact that all of our dancers are “stage ready” by the end of their first year. There is no “waiting for a slot” or “auditioning” to get on stage. Each year, we contract with the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center to put our dancers on the finest performance stage in Charlotte. In 2022 and 2023, we are in Charlotte’s Knight Theater, a spectacular performance venue that normally hosts the Charlotte Ballet and Broadway productions! 

I’m concerned about privacy. Will my child be photographed?

Yes. QC Dance has a private photographer that periodically takes photos of classes in progress. While you will see pictures posted, all pictures are in context of a dance studio and/or activity setting.


A Word from Our Dance Students!

Tony and Natalie work very hard to make sure children of all ages feel safe and respected. After only one season, the are proving to be leaders for the next generation.

Arlene Gemignani

The enthusiasm of the owners along with the aesthetic appeal of this dance studio has energic fun and positive vibes! I can see this place busting at the seams so secure your dancing spot asap.

Terri Crook

Absolutely beautiful studio and operated by an amazing couple. You could not ask for a better place to be!

Cyndi Stewart