Which Dance Class Is Right for Me?

Which Dance Class Is Right for Me? 

Find Out How to Choose the Right Dance Class

which dance class is right for me
In this guide, QC Dance Studio helps readers understand their best options for dance classes. Specifically, you’ll learn: 

Learning to dance can mean a variety of different things depending on the specific type of dance class in which you enroll. In many ways, choosing a style of dance can be as difficult as the decision to sign up for classes in the first place. With so many different styles to consider, many students are left wondering which classes are best for them based on their individual journey. 

At QC Dance Studio, we understand how unique every dancer’s educational adventure is. To help you better understand which dance class is right for you, we put together this complete guide so you can register for your first lesson with confidence. Read on to get started! 

What are the Different Types of Dance Classes? 

As an art form that’s centuries’ old, it’s no wonder that there are so many different types of dance classes available. The following are just some of the most popular styles of dance that QC Dance Studio teaches: 

find out which dance class is right for me


Perhaps one of the most iconic and fundamental forms of dance, ballet classes teach everything from posture and poise to strength and grace. Ballet is one of the most helpful classes to take when taking up other dance styles later in life as its foundations are used across a broad range of dance styles. 

While best-suited for younger children and teenagers, some students can find great success in signing up for ballet classes later in life as adults. Although the principles of ballet are rooted in long-held tradition, many modern ballet classes fuse together different styles of dance for a more well-rounded educational experience. 


which dance class is right for me in charlotte


Known for its fancy footwork and drama, ballroom dancing is a great dance style for all age groups. Suitable for those looking to learn social dance moves for parties or for competition-ready dance professionals, ballroom dance classes are incredibly versatile. Through ballroom dance lessons, students will gain a thorough understanding of posture, flexibility, and grace on the dance floor. 


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Building on the foundations of ballet, contemporary and lyrical dance classes are a bit more casual in nature while still incorporating careful choreography in each routine. In the contemporary dance style, the body is used as a storytelling tool, challenging the traditional notions of art through movement. Contemporary and lyrical dance students push the boundaries of what’s possible, and are usually dedicated to the art form as a whole, taking multiple different types of classes to inform their artistic expression. 


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Those looking to learn the most modern dance moves seen in today’s most popular music videos are likely seeking hip-hop dance classes. In a hip-hop dance class, students learn a number of iconic moves, including: 

  • Popping 
  • Locking 
  • Break dancing 
  • Bump and grind 
  • And much more


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Ideal for music-lovers and natural athletes alike, jazz dance classes are equal parts dynamic and high-energy. Its free-flowing style allows dancers to move uninhibited to the music, exploring their own personal sense of expression while developing strength and technique.  


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This saucy dance style is extremely high-energy, featuring fluid, circular patterns of movement paired with plenty of hip swaying and spinning. Latin and salsa dancers require a strong muscle tone — particularly in their core, glutes, thighs, lower back, and calves. It’s also important for dancers to have a strong sense of rhythm and coordination in order to be successful in the style. 



Tap dancing is one of the most precision-oriented dance styles with dancers acting out the details and emotions of their story primarily through their feet. Coordination and control are key to mastering the movements of tap dance and timing each move perfectly to the beat of your song. 


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dance Class for You

In addition to understanding the different types of dance classes available, it’s important for future students to think about the following when choosing the right dance class for their particular journey: 

#1 – Physical Fitness 

Before registering for dance classes, it’s critical that you take time to honestly assess your current fitness level. You might be yearning to take to the stage as a spicy salsa dancer, but if you haven’t been exercising enough, it might be wise to first get started with a more beginner-friendly dance style. By first accounting for your body’s physical ability, you’ll be able to save yourself the frustration of attempting a dance class that’s too demanding for your current skill and fitness level. 

#2 – Age Level 

At QC Dance Studio, we strongly believe that dancers can get started at any age and become successful. However, there are certain dance styles that are better-suited to specific age groups. In general, ballet, salsa, tap, and jazz classes should be taken earlier in life to build the foundational understanding necessary for success. Ballroom and hip-hop style classes, on the other hand, are great for all age groups. 

#3 – Prior Experience

Just like you should honestly assess your physical ability, it’s important to gauge your experience level. If you have prior dance experience, you’ll likely be able to pick up more quickly in a more advanced dance class setting. Students that are completely new to the experience should take beginner courses until otherwise instructed by their dance teachers. 

It’s important to realize that many group dance classes are not necessarily designed with the individual student in mind. If your dance journey requires more personalized attention, you may benefit more from a private lesson rather than a group class. 

#4 – Dance Goals 

Are you looking to choreograph the first dance for your wedding? Do you dream of being an international dance champion? Whatever your dance goals might be, it’s important to ensure the classes you sign up for align with your long-term objectives. By understanding what you want from your dance journey ahead of time, you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience. 

#5 – Personal Preference

Take stock of your personality and preferences when selecting the best dance class for you. A shy, introverted dancer probably wouldn’t have much success in a hip-hop heels class, but might be better-suited for partner-style ballroom dance lessons that keep the focus on the couple rather than the individual. Be sure to read up on the different dance moves, attire requirements, and other stylistic norms when researching different types of dance classes near you. 

Find the Right Dance Class at QC Dance Studio!

As Charlotte’s only all-inclusive dance learning center, QC Dance Studio is the perfect place to find the right dance class for you. From ballroom and salsa dance classes to hip-hop and ballet, we cater to all styles, age groups, and skill levels to provide a completely personalized dance education experience. Find the right dance class for you by registering for dance lessons in Charlotte at QC Dance Studio today!

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