How Far in Advance Should I Book My Wedding Reception Venue?

Whether it’s nailing the steps to a dance routine or planning a wedding event, timing is everything. When it comes to picking your wedding reception venue, this statement is doubly true. How far in advance should you book your wedding venue? What season is best to get married? Should you pick your date or the venue first?

There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect wedding day. To help you get started with the venue booking process, we’ve answered some of the most important questions you may have below!

Should I Pick My Wedding Date or Venue First?

Arguably one of the most important parts of any wedding is the venue itself. By determining where you’ll have your special day, you’ll be able to more easily:

  • Set the ambiance and style of your wedding
  • Determine how many people you can invite based on venue capacity
  • Conceptualize travel plans, hotel accommodations, and décor
  • Figure out whether or not you’ll need outside vendors or caterers

The biggest problem with wedding venues is that they’re frequently booked out in advance, making it more difficult to plan a wedding if you have your heart set on a specific date. If you do have a particular date in mind, be sure that you start looking well over a year in advance to ensure you’re able to secure the date. However, if you’re more flexible on your wedding date, you can let the venue’s availability decide the “where” for you.

What’s the Average Length of Time to Book a Venue Before the Wedding?

For more flexible couples who aren’t married to a date before they’re married to each other, try booking your venue between nine – 12 months in advance. Depending on the time of year and location of your venue, you may be able to find your dream wedding reception location in under nine months in some instances. However, in busy metropolitan areas like Charlotte, NC, it could be well over a year before your dream venue has an opening, so know your surroundings and plan accordingly!

What Season Should I Book My Wedding Venue?

It’s important to have a general understanding of how the seasonality of the wedding industry can impact your venue booking. For instance, if you’re planning on having a spring or summer wedding, you’ll need to book your venue at least a year in advance since this is the busiest time of the year for any wedding reception hall. On the other hand, fall and winter weddings can be planned more feasibly within the nine – 12-month time frame we mentioned earlier.

Should I Book My Reception Venue Sooner Than Later?

In general, it’s always best to book your wedding reception venue as early as possible. It’s far better to book your venue 15 months in advance than it is to find out too late that the venue you wanted isn’t available on your desired date (or for the whole season!). As soon as you and your future spouse have settled on a place, reach out to the wedding venue immediately to take a tour and make your reservation.

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